Five myths about contraceptive drugs you mustn’t imagine

India lacks intercourse training, which is why there’s little reproductive well being consciousness and lots of misconceptions. According to Dr Neha Bothara, marketing consultant gynecologist and obstetrician, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi, unfounded issues or false perceptions deter women and men from utilizing a selected contraceptive technique, if in any respect. This can result in undesirable pregnancies and bodily and psychological hurt to the lady.

Why use contraceptive drugs?

Their largest benefit is that they’re efficient and have a low failure price when used appropriately. “Other advantages embody common menstrual cycles and lighter move. The must take one tablet each day can appear tedious and result in missed drugs, which add to the failure price. Women, subsequently, must take accountability of their reproductive well being whereas consuming contraceptive consciously and thoroughly,” the physician advises.

Contraceptive myths

Dr Bothara shares the 5 commonest myths about drugs that one mustn’t ever imagine:

1. All contraceptive drugs trigger weight acquire: First era contraceptive drugs triggered some momentary weight acquire associated to fluid retention within the physique. Newer formulations don’t trigger weight acquire, moderately assist with weight reduction in sufferers who’ve Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), moreover different advantages.

2. Contraceptive drugs trigger zits and irregular hair progress: Newer contraceptive tablet formulations, with completely different progesterone elements, cut back testosterone focus and cut back the incidence of zits in sufferers with PCOS.

3. It is all proper to overlook a tablet or two within the cycle: Missing drugs in the course of the cycle can result in an surprising being pregnant. Moreover, it might probably additionally trigger recognizing or mid-cycle bleeding. One should all the time seek the advice of a gynecologist if a number of drugs have been missed, to study what all precautions must be taken, and the way to ensure surprising pregnancies don’t occur.

4. Contraceptive drugs have an effect on fertility: There is not any proof that contraceptive drugs have an effect on fertility in any approach. They solely stop ovulation and pregnancies.

5. Birth management drugs may be taken with out prior analysis or threat evaluation: Birth management drugs are usually protected, however some individuals who have sure threat components like having a genetic tendency for blood clot formation, or those that are overweight or who smoke, is probably not appropriate candidates for contraceptive tablet use. Hence, one should all the time seek the advice of a physician and get a threat analysis earlier than beginning Oral Contraceptive Pills (OCP).

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