Five nutritionist-approved methods to remain hydrated

It is extraordinarily essential to maintain oneself hydrated always. But a few of us will not be consuming an satisfactory quantity of water  — eight to 10 glasses per day — that’s essential for the physique’s metabolic exercise amongst different advantages.

If you too haven’t been having sufficient water or are bored of consuming plain water, listed here are some simple methods that can assist you keep hydrated, courtesy of nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal.

“Drinking fluids is essential to staying wholesome and sustaining the operate of each system in our physique. Here are 5 greatest methods to remain hydrated,” she stated.


Cumin seeds or jeera

Jeera or cumin seeds hydrate, have detox advantages, cut back physique warmth, treatment itchiness, and work wonders for these troubled with zits and pimples.

How to make use of it?


1tsp – Cumin seeds or jeera
1 tsp – Rock sugar or mishri


*Soak one teaspoon every of jeera and mishri in a single day. In the morning, as a very first thing, pressure the combination and drink the water. Alternatively, add jeera powder to buttermilk or curd.

Ensure you’re hydrated sufficient. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)


Lemongrass is a superb herb to fight dehydration. It treats indigestion, retains us hydrated, improves intestine operate, and cools the physique.

*Make lemongrass tea by steeping the grass in water. Also, use lemongrass by soaking a mesh bag with a handful of leaves in bathing water.

Avoid consuming

Alcoholic drinks are dehydrating in nature and might result in dehydration. If it’s unavoidable, drink loads of water together with drinks.

*One glass of water for each glass of drink is an effective approach to begin.

Avoid refrigerated water

It hampers digestion. Ayurveda additionally has at all times suggested towards the consumption of chilled water.

*Instead, drink ‘matka (earthen pot)’ water. It is of course cool and has the distinctive property to scale back the temperature of water in accordance with the local weather

No to processed meals

Avoid processed meals like chips, cookies, and packaged sugary drinks and drinks. They are dehydrating and might cut back the quantity of fluid that the physique truly retains.

*Instead, have fluids like coconut water, do-it-yourself sherbets, buttermilk, curd

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